Middle Men

Middle Men is inspired by the film of the same name.

The beat is a sample of Angolan-Spanish artist Mila Domingos’s “A Minha Måe da Alma,” and “Necesito Un Trago,” by Spanish band Tequila.

I came across these two tracks by finding two random cd’s here in my apartment in Spain. I guess they were just meant to be mixed.


Full Track

Middle men these middle men/ Have you seen the film is that car real that house he’s living in/These girls are really thin/ Waist non existent/ Straight shooter dude finances vixins/ Every day’s Christmas/ For five years/ Then the fed follows him/ Stress is so near/ Bought his wife every dress/ Her eyes blessed with the cross with diamonds so clear/ House on a hill these designers appear/ Style of queens suddenly here/ Coat of arms  with a picture of the farm/ That her father built with arms/ In the Texan marsh  atop a steer / Now she parks her Benz by the mark/ That says St. Johns mother of the year / Lifestyle of the rich and aimless/ Gain everything through bank statements/ he’s stone cold no more late payments/ middle class man’s made it

I bet he never gave a fuck

And that attitude it attains so much

And then that porn star girl friend becomes  reality/ The screens a better place for fantasy/ fallicaly satisfied his mind isn’t/ Erection’s easier than to get the mind lifted/ He finds her stricken between guys a party where clothes are forbidden/ And decides there’s a limit

This hottie’s true nature forever apparent/ Remembers being a family man and a damn good parent/ Turns out he’s cool with the feds/ His products helps to send rockets to terrorists/ So the bureau tells him get out no issue, he made millions/ Off us lubiderm and tissues/ Millions off lust use computers to live through/ These actors whose dicks cruise through tits it’s a refuge/ For the lonely and sad/ Until I realized porno’s is something we all grab

I bet he never gave a fuck

And that attitude it attains so much

Reflection and Response


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