Throwback December: A Sample of the Late Garageband Period

These three tracks come from the later garageband period. We still worked at Monterey Market, the produce market down the street from Peter’s parents house, where we recorded. On off days or after work we’d work these tunes out.


Shades of Green started as a jam over the guitar effect heard at the beginning and then revolves around a chord progression: E minor, F major, D minor. There’s a bridge on A major and some strings provided by V that finish the track up.

Shades of Green


taquito-hoope-sweesh-donke is a four piece track with various elements coming together to form our arrangement. We were messing with the idea of mixing distorted electric guitar and synth strings and brass which comes out around 1:40. We threw in some slide guitar to mix it up after that section to mix it up.




Complete Darkness comes from a chord progression that we wrote before the garageband days. This track has most of the components of this period of growth: guitar solos by P while the bass, keys, and synth strings are held down by V.


Complete Darkness


-Reflection and Response (even in progression)

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One thought on “Throwback December: A Sample of the Late Garageband Period

  1. […] turns into a synth string mash-up with distorted guitar, a style that appears on other tracks (see taquito). This track shows how we were incorporating various styles, including but not limited to hip-hop […]


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