The Lay of the Land

the LIFESTYLE has been low key for a few weeks and we hope everyone has had a great start to the new year! We are continuing to strive to be a place for dialogue and thoughts of Reflection and Response. Our weekly schedule has changed a bit so here’s the breakdown for the LIFESTYLE moving forward:

Mondays: Original work from Peter and Vicken

Thursdays: Snapshots from the Collective

Fridays: Fridays will alternate each week between Talk of the Town (Discussion Questions from the Collective) and our continuing Feature series of collective members and their work.

Meanwhile, on the Twitter we will be continuing Peter’s Saturday Flows From Madrid (SFFM) as well as throwing up thoughts, articles, and quotes that connect with Reflection and Response. We will also be shouting out RR Artists of the Week, linking to influential craftspeople whose work inspires us.

With the new elements of Snapshots from the Collective and Talk of the Town we will be looking forward to email submissions from Collective members. Snapshots consists of photographs that people want to get out there and share. Talk of the Town consists of Discussion Questions focusing on any topics interesting to any viewer that feels like it can spark dialogue. Photographs and questions should be sent to the LIFESTYLE’s email at: One photo will be posted each week and a question will be posted every two weeks, with dialogue following up in the comments sections. Come one come all!!

the LIFESTYLE’s power lies in its collective; a communal place whose axiom of Reflection and Response drives creativity, collaboration, and dialogue.

Reflection and Response.

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