Friday January 27th 2012 is the date of my first show here in Madrid. I will be performing originals tracks featured on the LIFESTYLE, such as Jade Eyes, in addition to covers with some talented vocalists. We are also supplying the PA for the show as well as the microphones and cables. We’re turning a room of the Anglet Cafe in Madrid into our own performance space in Reflection and Response fashion. Anglet Cafe gigs hopefully will be a regular occurrence and feature performances from other local artists and new LRR #Collective members.


Peep the Facebook event page for more info:


The above flier was finished by V late Monday night. Using only 2 permanent markers, he was able to include a whole array of brushstrokes, from the razor thin border to the block letters of my name, to the central piece of the name of the cafe complete with shadowing and subtle textures. When I ask V to help out with publicity for shows It’s always dope to see what he comes up with.  He included both Spanish and English and threw up the LIFESTYLE along with the info for the gig.

LRR LIVE @the Anglet Cafe in Madrid.

-Reflection and Response

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