The City’s Windows

Madrid March 5th.

In both of these pics I focused on the reflective/perspective power of windows. The laborer in the first pic contrasts with the “CERRADO,” nature of the shop. In the pic below, I cut out some words of a sign and just left “POR FAVOR,” with some bars.


Reflection and Response

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2 thoughts on “The City’s Windows

  1. Peter says:

    Thank you for such an awesome Thought Sarah! Yea I feel you on the nature of doors as openers and closers. Here in Madrid doors can be so epic: Huge entries that can make one feel insignificant upon entry. Also I like using the reflection of the door as a perspective on the street. I wonder if there is a psychological effect of seeing so many “closed” signs as opposed to “open,” signs on shops? Perhaps? What do you think?

  2. Sarah says:

    Peter! I love this entry. Something I was talking about with my English professor today is the way doors are interesting because of their dual nature as openers and closers. They are used to represent a relationship with the outside world or opportunity, but often at times, often involve shutting up, or closing in, or restricting. I think these pictures really capture that aspect of doors and windows – it’s something I actual touched on in a paper about Emily Dickinson. So, cool! Also, the reflection captured in the first picture is great.


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