This past Friday, August 31 was the (official) ONE YEAR mark for the LIFESTYLE: Reflection and Response! From Archival posts twice a week, to the Feature Series, to Throwback December, to Snapshots from the Collective, to Talk of the Town, to the Patchwork project, to The Porch Swing, to Events from the Collective, to the Artist Of The Week Twitter-series, to Original Mondays, to the production of Shake This Maze Editions I and II, to Reflection and Response: The Zine, Volume I, its been a powerful experience working with the Collective to create this space. The foundation has been built. Thank you all for the support and participation throughout this past year. We’re excited to move forward into Year 2!

For this celebratory occasion, we’d also like to send shout-outs to the following Collective members for their memorable “first” contributions in getting the LIFESTYLE project off the ground last year:

  • Pablo Rojas, the LIFESTYLE’s first WordPress comment
  • Grant Bristow, the LIFESTYLE’s first Facebook “like”
  • Megan Branch, the LIFESTYLE’s first Twitter mention
  • Samuel Bostick, the LIFESTYLE’s first Twitter boost

Thanks y’all!

Reflection and Response.

P & V

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