The Porch Swing: Questions

Questions, Take 5, by Samuel Bostick.

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons, Jim Natale.

Questions, Take 5

When heroes Fall what is it that compels them to get back up? Could it be pride in whom and what they represent? Is it the unrelenting call to duty? Is it that a Hero is such in the ability to get up, perhaps the ability to shed all adversity, the capacity to overcome all obstacles, the tenacity to transcend the self; victorious about battles within.

And us, what should we do? Is it our place to throw rocks while they are down; heavens no not out of spite…let’s say—rather to emphasize that even heroes are imperfect. Do we encourage them, as we tend to their wounds and build them back into that highly praised place from which they fell? Is it that we should take up arms our own and fight off the villains and vile creatures alike as to give our heroes a break? You know, to let them have one day off?

At what point does the hero fall so far from grace that they become the villain? Or is that even possible? Maybe it’s not that simple, rather Fate is the deciding factor to who shall be villain and who shall be hero.

Of Gods and Creatures that inhabit the earth, Where are you? Where are those who you look up to? Have you ever fallen? If so what happens when you do? And your heroes, where are they? Do they fall, have they ever?

Is perfection overrated or is it the ultimate excellence achieved? What happens when heroes fall? Do we pick them up or should we pick up stones?

I believe in progress, I strive for excellence; I move to be the best I possibly can.

I stay fresh, well dressed, Keep great company and write to express.

I have fallen a many times, Still I Rise. Underdogg story.

There are Gods and Creatures that inhabit the Earth.

I am a man, wielding the ambition of a titan, imploring Gods strength.

Champion Swagg.

When Heroes Fall…

Reflection and Response.

Samuel Bostick


the LIFESTYLE’s role is to create collective space for active Reflection and Response through the arts. This space is built around dialogue, expression, collaboration, and artistic (ex)change involving international craftspeople and their realities. The Porch Swing series opens up a Reflection and Response residency where we feature a Collective member’s ongoing project through weekly installations.

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