Snapshots from the Collective: The Small Screen Series, Vol. IV

The fourth installment in Collective member Samantha Geraghty‘s five-volume snapshot project: The Small Screen Series.

Digital technology has immersed us in a world of instant gratification. We share our real lives through digital appearances, without thinking too much about it. I just go by my day to day, snap a photo of what I consider to be “pretty” and share it online. By the time you know it, you have over 1000 photos, carefully edited as if you were some sort of photographer. Well no, I’m no photographer and I don’t pretend to be one. But when an Instagram photo makes it to the front page of The New York Times, you realize that mobile apps are a big player in media. You don’t always need a flash camera to have an eye for nice pictures.

– Samantha Geraghty

‏ @SamSmitten

Untitled Samantha GeraghtyUntitled Samantha Geraghty

Untitled Samantha Geraghty

Untitled Samantha Geraghty

Untitled Samantha Geraghty

Reflection and Response.

The Snapshots From the Collective series works to create a space for Reflection and Response through photography. ANYone who wants to contribute ANY photos to this project can email us submissions at One photo will be posted each week, and photos will only be used for the purposes of this series. Thank you and we look forward to building and expanding the Collective!!

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