Artist Feature: Linda Wartenweiler

We met actress Linda Wertenweiler recently through some friends of ours in Brooklyn. Linda has been living in New York since 2006 working on her craft, performing, and acting on camera. In this interview, she discusses her journey from a rural setting with a distinct culture to the fast-paced and eclectic city she now calls home. She cites the importance of dedicated moments of Reflection to provide breaks in the rapid pace of life, and she considers the data gathered from Reflection as necessary input when Responding via the dramatic arts. Recently, this artist appeared in a 1980s-style horror short film, Imprisoned Souls, and is filming another short entitled Canvas, set to shoot in May of this year. We are excited to have the unique perspective of this active craftswoman who is consistently dropping dope projects!

Linda Wartenweiler

Leading off with some basics, where are you from? And where are you at?

LW: I was born and raised in beautiful Switzerland (Amriswil TG), right at the border to Germany, Lake of Constance. In 2006 I left my banking career at “home” in order to chase my childhood dream: ACTING! New York City has been my residence ever since and I am loving my new chapter and my life fully!

Being from such a different continent, culture and being from the country side, New York has enriched my life, perspective, lifestyle etc. tremendously! Lots had to be learned, lots had to be explored, lots had to be understood, lots of adaptations needed to be made…. Looking back today to where I was 8 years ago…. WOW, how much growth has happened in me in this fast paced city!!! I am truly grateful and happy with every single experience and lesson that currently is in my back bag. I am looking forward to fill my bag with many more adventures and experiences.

The transformation from the banking world into the acting one was quite an interesting journey! My acting experience was very small, my desire of my heart and soul to pursue it was and still is super strong. Looking back on my growth and path as an actress/artist/human being makes me very happy and evokes a satisfying feeling all over me. It was THE PERFECT decision that I made back then!! “Don’t dream your life, live your dream!” is what is driving and pushing me. The future is unwritten, it will be what we are making out of TODAY and the NOW. Anything is possible if you believe it is! 😉

What does Reflection and Response mean to you?

LW: Reflection definitely is a very, very important part of my life. It shows me all the colors of my past, it shows me where and who I was then, who I became and where I am heading towards. To me response contains sort of a reality check. I get to see if I am still on the “right” track or if there needs some adjustments to be made. In general I believe that whenever someone intentionally stands still for a little while and starts his/her own reflection process then it means to me that this person cares about himself/herself. It means that this person was running and running and doing and simply functioning without being aware anymore of its initial intentions. Or this person is focused on his/her way and is simply checking in if everything still is ok with what is going on. Sometimes we come off track because of many distractions in our lives or our needs and wants simply change as we do daily.

How does this definition fit in with your acting career?

LW: All the knowledge about myself is more than essential for my work as an actress! The better I know myself, the more I feel myself, the better my work will be as my inner life always reflects my outer life after all. As an actor you need the understanding of your behaviors first, you need to be able to see life in general from a psychological point of view. You need to have the understanding of yourself, your surroundings and of the whole world in general. With your own interpretation of it all you then will be able to use all that data in order to let it flow freely into your work. Reflection will be your helpful guide and director in order to grow faster if you are willing for this exciting adventure to happen…

What else have you been working on recently? What are you looking to work on next?

LW: During the past few months I have actually given a lot of my time and focus to myself and to my inner world. Reflection was and still is a big thing in my life and will always be. So it is truly funny to me that I am doing this interview about this subject with you right now Peter! That’s just how the Law of Attraction works after all. 😉

One of my last exciting acting projects was the 80s horror slasher short film “Imprisoned Souls” in which I am portraying the villain “Jeanne Wrayy”. My talented writer and director friend wrote this part for me. Thanks to this character I had a true breakthrough in my craft and that character opened up a whole new dimension in my acting reality. It’s absolutely inspiring to me and I am now applying all the new knowledge into my work.

I just got cast in a short film called “Canvas”, which we will shoot in the beginning of May 2014. This time I will play a lawyer’s wife who is an avid supporter of the artistic community. It will be a very fun project that includes some of my talented friends in cast and crew. My other focus is also in taking new headshots within the upcoming 2 weeks and updating my acting reel. Within the past year I have grown and evolved a lot in my personal and artistic life. It is more than time to capture this “new” me at this point in my life/career in order to sell myself more specifically and effectively.

Who or what inspires you?

LW: Living in New York City itself is filled with inspiration everywhere! If you have all your senses up, aware and running then you get filled and fueled constantly. One of my biggest inspirations definitely is Madonna, especially in her 80s best! Even though I am an actress I get very much inspired by music and lyrics. Another huge inspiration to me is the German singer Nena, best known in the US for her song “99 red balloons.” Both artists simply inspire me with their career, their vibes, their art, their songs, their spirit, they both just do something to me whenever I see or hear them… Now, if it comes to my acting peers then I am constantly inspired by amazing acting and by unique storylines. Of course I can name here the all time known inspirational top actors and actresses. Yes, they all indeed are a huge inspiration to us all that’s out of question. But I am inspired more so if I see an unexpected performance by anyone, known or unknown blowing my mind! If someone can absolutely draw me into his/her acting world without me thinking anymore and leave me in awe that is when I am hit the hardest! That’s what awakes my need and desire to do the same to the world! The thing is that I love to be inspired and to be high off life constantly. So then my need to share this inspiration with the world kicks in. Passing on what I see and believe in is a huge desire and passion for me! “To inspire” is one of my life purposes, this I know for sure. Whenever I can combine this with my work then my job is completed perfectly and my soul is fulfilled!

Is there anything else you would like the Collective to know?

LW: I am a firm believer of following your dreams, wishes and desires in a proactive way. Your intuition always knows what’s best for your soul and no one else out there does or ever will. Especially we artists need to be aware of our inner world, no matter what genre we are working in. We all are very sensitive creatures and very receptive of what’s going on around us. So if we pay attention to our inner world then we will be able to integrate this all into our outer world and into our work. Our lives, work, relationships and careers will inevitably be successful and fulfilled. “Believe in yourself as only YOU can make your desired life happen!”

Shout out to…?

LW: …every single person out there who has ever believed in me, supported me, uplifted me, inspired me, taught me things and lessons, made me grow, shared their precious time with me, made me laugh, crossed my path and who is walking this path with me one way or the other. You all know who you are! I am very grateful for every single person in my life. I wouldn’t be who I am today, right now!! Thank you, thank you, thank you my beloved friends, supporters, family. Love you all! To a glorious now and future.

Linda Wartenweiler

Keep up with Linda’s work at the following links:

Reflection and Response.


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