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Original Mondays: Tools of the Trade Rose Street Sessions

I hope everybody had a dope holiday season. Here in Madrid I’m without internet at home and hella places are closed because it’s El Día de los Reyes Magos. Props to Ojála (where I also did some mastering of Cold Bed) for being open and having good ass Wifi. Also shout out to “Message From Ancient Days,” the textbook my pops used to teach to 8th graders in Alameda, which serves as a great stand for the Novation Launchpad I was using. This New Years Megan, V, and I reunited for the first time as a group in over a year. Whenever we meet I try and get a session in with Megan (see He’s Your Guy Acoustic) who has a dope and unique voice. V snapped some Tools of the Trade pics while we worked. The forthcoming track features some new instrumentation I haven’t had the chance to really explore in a while such as banjo and electric guitar. Look out for the track coming up on the LIFESTYLE Original Monday Series!



Reflection and Response


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