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Feature: Vatche Donikian

the LIFESTYLE Feature Series moves us into February with a look at Reflection and Response in the artwork of Vatche Donikian, creator of Restless and Determined Clothing!! We are PROUD to present Vatche, comin up in the game with undeniable creativity, drive, and talent. From growing up in Oakland and Berkeley and now studying in Irvine, CA, Vatche has relentlessly worked at his craft and developed his unique artistic approach. He recently launched his independent clothing brand, Restless and Determined, which is already off to a solid start and pushing forward to big things! It’s been a truly inspiring process for both P and V to witness throughout the years – don’t sleep on this grounded RR artist!

Peep the Reflection and Response interview followed by photos of his dope T-shirt and crewneck designs!

Reflection and Response means to express yourself to the fullest extent, however you choose to do that.

Leading off with some basics, where are you from? And where are you at?

VD: I was born in Oakland, but we moved to Berkeley when I was around 5. Bay Area born and raised, but I’m currently going to school at UC Irvine.

What does Reflection and Response mean to you?

VD: To me, Reflection and Response means to express yourself to the fullest extent, however you choose to do that. Everybody is different from the way they are brought up and the experiences they have, so you just have to get that out there and be who you are. Sometimes I just sit there and listen to music and feel motivated, so I just pull out pencil and paper or pull up my computer and put in work. Reflecting and Responding, by the way stuff makes u feel and react.

How does Restless and Determined Clothing fit in with that definition?

VD: Well with Restless and Determined Clothing, that’s exactly what I do. I make the designs off what I’m feeling, like the Heart Beats. Music is a big part of my life, makes my heart pump. So I’m just expressing myself with designs that others can relate to also. I’m not doing anything but being me. I’m restless and I’m determined, I won’t stop until I’m satisfied with what I’ve done.

What else have you been working on recently? What are you looking to work on next?

VD: Recently I’ve been working on just getting my stuff out there, like more designs, and I’m always trying to improve too. I’ve started printing on crewneck sweatshirts and girls v-necks also. For now I’m just trying do this stuff and keep expanding the company base.

Who or what inspires you?

VD: A lot of my music inspires me. Rappers like iamsu!, Kendrick Lamar, Dom Kennedy, and Erk tha Jerk really motivate me to make the best designs possible and really get a lot of things done. It’s motivational and inspirational to me; it helps me stay on the grind. Anybody that knows me knows I get lost in my music and those artists just really get my thoughts flowing.

Is there anything else you would like the Collective to know?

VD: Man, I just hope everyone can see through my artwork that I really put my all into this stuff. I really am Restless and Determined, and that’s never gonna change. I’m on the grind 24/7, even if I’m not physically creating a design, I think of them in my head and thinking of ways that I can get even better. I also want to say thanks to everyone that supports me, and those who give me feedback. It really makes me want to go that much harder.

Shout out to…?

VD: Shout out to my big brother Vicken for having my back through everything, and really getting me into art from such a young age. Also shout out to my girlfriend for helping me out with everything, especially all this shirt stuff, she helps me with designs and does some of the lettering also. And to my homie Diego, we use to make shirts back in the day since 2008. And a big thanks all my fam and friends and to everybody who bought a shirt, spread the word or even just took the time to look at the pictures.

Like us on Facebook at facebook.com/restlessdeterminedclothing and follow us on Twitter @RDC_Shirts.

Check out our site and web store at: http://restlessdeterminedclothing.webs.com/.

Heart Beats T-shirts

The Determined (L) & Heart Beats (R) Crewnecks

The Collection

Tools of the Trade

Restless and Determined

Reflection and Response.

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