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Argentina Thursdays: Feeling!!!

I’ve Got A Feeling off the Beatles’ Let It Be in one of the dopest songs ever. The groove that makes up it’s verse just oozes cool. Cue Buenos Aires early 2010 and some inspiration and you get the ingredients that make up “Feeling!!!” I sped up that verse, added some original drums, and chopped it up even more in the middle part. There’s also some subtle original guitar work at the end of the track. There’s another classic rock sample right around 1:25. Free exclusive a capella of an upcoming unreleased track for whoever tweets the LIFESTYLE the answer.


Always Reflection and Response


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Argentina Thursdays: From Jujuy to Buenos Aires

This week I present two mash ups. One is “Horn Track,” and it samples my friend Pablo Martinez’s horn line. His music is directly influenced by his home region of Jujuy, where he grew up before coming to Buenos Aires for college (See “Things a Peña Does” below for more info). This was one of my first Argentine folk music mash ups. I threw some drums, piano, and some distorted electric guitar on the horns to fill out the beat.

Horn Track

The second mash up is entitled “Porteña de mi Corazón,” and is a remix of a king of Argentine Tango Astor Pizzola’s track Libertango. Here I threw some drums, bass and a little sax and vocal breakdown in the middle. This track is for my man Nassim, who told me he felt it way back in 2010 in our apartment in Buenos Aires.

Porteña de mi Corazón.

These two tracks are remixes of two versions of the many identifications of Argentine music.

Reflection and Response


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