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This post comes live from Córdoba, España. While staying with friends in this city in Andalucia, I met Blanca, a woman who lives in the apartment where I’m staying. We spoke briefly about our lives and she told me that she’d like to return to her home in Ecuador next year. As I gear up for making moves in music in Madrid next year I’ll be writing songs about human interactions that have occurred throughout these last few years. Peace and gracias for reading!



Blanca sits eyes deep and explains/How in her youth she spent her Italian days/ Among eclectic groups in parks as they’d play/ Music from Paraguay to Bombay/

Now she knows she’ll go home/ Back to su pais/ Work is increasingly slow as she wears down her knees/ Looking after the senora whose only a few years older/ But affords her to come arond to cook and brew Folgers/

Is is the wrinkle/ Or the twinkle in her eye/  Or her slow step that represents knowledge of a whole life/ Search for the fountain of youth/ Empty handed you’ll arrive/ But lend a ear to those who’ve lived and find timeless advice/

While we mindlessly drive on/ Autopilot through careers/ pay for diversion costs rise every year/ Your life is meaningless if that’s how you want it to appear/ If you were given a choice you were given power the hour is here/

Flash back to Blanca as she flashes back to Milano/ leans back on the couch that props her up a touch of sorrow/ but only that much because she always makes it to tomorrow/

Blanca sits eyes deep and explains/ How in her youth she spent her italian days/ Among ecletic groups in parks as they’d play/ Music from Paraguay to Bombay/


Reflection and Response



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