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Daily Flows From the Phone


Last year when I got to Madrid I bought a Blackberry Curve which I bought because I had the same phone in the US. I use the phone to write down flows in various places around the city: the school I work in, the metro we all use to get around, different apartments of friends.

I’ve started posting a flow a day from the phone on my twitter feed.

Some recent words:


“yells I haven’t paid rent/useless to contest/a brute whose Franco’s roots determine/to establish power over much more progressive servants” 10/8 (Focus: old landlord)

Daily Flow: “the stage is a set/lights, camara, reject/ or better yet/ no one attends it’s a bore/ the show goes quickly to return no more 10/5 (Focus: Music in general. Location: bus to work 8:15 AM)

Flow From Class III “Autism stops focus properly/take ur glasses off down a liter of coffee/and try not talking/better yet try not rocking/” 10/4 (Focus: School. Location: Metro after class)

Flow from School II: “Alvaro’s mouth serves as a glove/ his hand constly stuck in it/ fearful of sickness/ his ma tells him to quit it.” 10/3 (Focus: School Location: Metro after class)



Stay tuned to see Flows From the Phone on the daily!


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