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Events from the Collective

June 2013

  • Friday, June 14th @ 10:00 pm: Acoustic Session (Live Music, Acoustic, Singing) featuring Peter Muller, Amber Stills, Sally Smith, Miguel A. Gonzalez, Taylor Mann, and Corduroy Jack.
    • Free
  • Sunday, June 23rd @ 9pm: Open Mic Sessions (Hosted by Peter Muller & Fede Balaguer Valenciano. Live music from various artists with a looping/DJ set from Peter Muller)
    • FREE

Reflection and Response.

Events from the Collective is a calendar of upcoming events from the LIFESTYLE collective’s international community. Events can be submitted at anytime to the.lifestyle.rr@gmail.com or @LIFESTYLE_RR and will be added to the calendar as they roll in.

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Original Mondays: Open Mic Sessions


Open Mic Sessions Official


Monday, January 21st, Madrid. About a month ago my dude Federico hit me up to ask if I would be interested in hosting an event with him. he wanted to organize an Open Mic at Cafe La Palma. The first thing I did after meeting up with German , one of the owners of the venue, and Fede was to talk to V to get the above official logo done. You can see the logo over at Cafe La Palma’s concert calendar.

A week ago Fede and myself hosted our first “Open Mic Sessions.” The inaugural session on Sunday, January 13th went very well and we had to turn artists away based on demand. Some of the artists who graced the stage include Vivian Garcia, Mary Elaine Jenkins, Amber Stills, Miguel Gonzalez, Sally Smith, and others.   The event has started it’s own blog where we’ll be posting pictures and other media from the events. Word up to Madrid Ocio for their shout out on their Facebook page.

Open Mic Sessions is at a well-known venue and the level of performance suits the stage. Our next event is this Sunday, January 2. After a meeting today with one of the owners of Cafe la Palma, we’re looking to improve on the last showing and to make this event an important show of talent in Madrid.


Reflection and Response.


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