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Artist Feature: Ricky Gutierrez

Ricky Gutierrez is the first tattoo artist to hold it down for the LIFESTYLE! Representing Atwater, California, Ricky practices his craft at Restless Valley Ink in nearby Merced. He discusses his goals of positively impacting others who are making their way through life amidst questions pertaining to career and livelihood. A pivotal day when Ricky initially brought some of his work to a tattoo artist he admired changed his life and he has been dedicated to the craft ever since. Living a balanced life, Ricky discusses the inspiration that come from his wife and daughter and his dedication to making a name for himself in the field. Check out Ricky’s words and some dope original work below!

Ricky Gutierrez

Chase your passion relentlessly and live through your craft.

– Ricky Gutierrez

Leading off with some basics, where are you from? And where are you at?

RG: What’s up LIFESTYLE!? I’m Ricky G. representing Atwater, Ca. I’m currently tattooing at Restless Valley Ink in Merced, CA.

Ricky Gutierrez

What does Reflection and Response mean to you?

RG: Reflection is the story your work tells for you. One day, I’m hoping that my work will touch the lives of individuals that don’t think they can make it or feel like they can’t catch a break. I was once in their shoes, bouncing from job to job, trying to find myself and choose a career to earn a decent living. I never thought my artwork was good enough to showcase, let alone be my career. The day I took my work to a local tattoo artist, whose work I deeply admired, was the day my life changed in one of the best ways possible. Through this journey, I’m still searching for a response and my expectations for my artistic career.

Ricky Gutierrez

How does your work fit in with that definition?

RG: Every day I strive to do my best and inspire others along the way. I believe it’s important to chase your passion relentlessly and live through your craft.

Ricky Gutierrez

What else have you been working on recently? What are you looking to work on next?

RG: Lately, I’ve been working on tattooing. I’m trying to make a respectable name for myself in the industry and build my reputation. I plan on expanding my artistic abilities by exploring different mediums and continuing my education and earning a degree in art.

Ricky Gutierrez

Who or what inspires you?

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