Gran Via

Over the next week, I’ll be dippin a little further back in the archives to take a look at some work from 2009. Gran Via is part of a series of pieces I created based on photographs I took while studying in Barcelona in 2008. Stay tuned for more from this series…

Conte crayon and oil pastel on paper.

True family.

Reflection and Response.


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3 thoughts on “Gran Via

  1. Vicken Donikian says:

    I appreciate the feedback! you guys make some interesting observations about this… I definitely wanted to focus attention on certain areas of the space, especially the figure, but without leaving the surrounding space too empty. I also think the graffiti on the storefront gate adds a lot of context and character to the scene; it’s the one other area of the drawing that has as much detail as the figure…

  2. Peter Muller says:

    I think it;s dope how certain elements seem to be emphasized like the shading on the cheek, while others such as the wall on the left seem to miss detail. It’s a kind of focus, a choice that the artist used to divert attention to certain parts of the space. Also the only colors used here are black and red, but it still feel full.

  3. David Adams says:

    you capture the space hella well


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