First of all, thanks for the ongoing discussion drawn from Spark This Shit Flaming (see below). It’s really dope that the collective part of the LIFESTYLE is starting to come together and that folks are feeling the idea that this is a place where we can all discuss what art and music and reflection and response means to us.

Stab comes from 2010. I’ve always thought Duke Ellington and John Coltrane’s’ In A Sentimental Mood would be a fun sample. So I tried it out. I chopped the sample and added drums and some live bass I played on my homie David’s fender he rescued from a basement some of us remember at 4508 19th Ave in Seattle. I added some acoustic guitar soloing at the beginning. I haven’t posted too much solo guitar stuff, but I will soon.

Full Track

A capella

Some of you listen to rap music/ I use it for therapy/ Psychologists say we’re crazy beats endanger their job security/ Go therapeutic stupid lose sight of what’s near to me/ But I find truth in the groove scoot near to what’s dear to me/ Get lost throw up spaghetti like Em did/ Put this shit on table take your social capital and spend it/ Sick of giving a fuck/ My sinuses have had enough/ Watch my friends make more green then I sneeze and cough up/ I can tell your mind is wyling/ You’ve got your issues friend/ Recently I made my mind up I’ma stab these issues dead/ I can tell your mind is wyling/ You’ve got your issues friend/ Recently I made my mind up I’ma stab these issues dead/Make records fuck that I want to break records/ Usain’s crazy cousin insane bolt jolts the stretcher/ Oceans of letters me greenlake’s alphabet soup/ Werewolf status my souls a savage as I howl at moons/ growl at crews used to think so cool to be you/ 200 dollar jeans make the gleam of her stylish shoes/ So many piles of poo/ Cover the ground defile the truth/ It took a while for me to see the meek inside your cool.

Reflection and Response.


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