Keep Pushin’

The deep archives, part 2.

Graphite off paper.

Like my piece Storytelling from last week, this piece also involves a reverse drawing process, but with a slightly different approach. With Keep Pushin’, I started by outlining the figure’s silhouette and shading it all in with a dark graphite pencil. Then I used an eraser to pull out the highlights from the black background and define the face and the clothing. Removing graphite from the paper allowed me to turn the full silhouette into a more defined figure.

Reflection and Response.


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2 thoughts on “Keep Pushin’

  1. Megan Branch says:

    what a raw character. i love the negative space and perspective. skilllll.

    • Vicken Donikian says:

      Thanks for the reflection and response reactions Megan!! What is it about the negative space that speaks to you?


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