The Next Move

The deep archives, part 3.

Gold scratchboard.

The Next Move is another variation on reverse drawing. This piece started out as an all black sheet of scratchboard. I used various sharp tools to scratch away at the surface layer to reveal the gold color underneath. This concept is similar to what I did with Storytelling and Keep Pushin’ – I used tools to reveal highlights and define the figure’s face and features, while using the black base color as my darkest value.

Reflection and Response.


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2 thoughts on “The Next Move

  1. I like this technique & the cross hatching makes it stand out & gives it great texture!

    • Vicken Donikian says:

      Thank you, I appreciate the feedback!! I think its really interesting to work with the flexibility of scratchboard, in terms of the different textures you can develop. I feel like each individual mark on scratchboard carries a lot of meaning and expression – maybe more than pencil marks in a drawing? Cuz you can’t really just “go over” or erase the scratches..

      Anybody with other thoughts on that comparison between scratch marks versus pencil marks?


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