Lonesome Road Goodnight

I started this track in Argentina. A choir at the school I was studying abroad at sang this haunting tune about a lonesome road and I immediately thought it needed to be sampled. I found the original James Taylor version. Then I forgot about the idea for two years. Last week here in Madrid I found the half finished beat and remembered how fun it was to make. I feel like the song is about redemption and has a sense of teaching, so I wrote lyrics based on those ideas.

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Lonesome Road Goodnight.

Please jettison stress/ this is what is waiting up ahead/ And just reflect / And work even harder on success/The fuck I used to give I now use to live/ Walking that lonesome road  a little kid hope andsin / stoked on the stoogie that we smoked   with a fifth in that glass bottle outside the doors we slipped/ Andthese roll models dip and throw strikes/  Before those open mics/ way before we know whats tight/ The brain evolves slowly right/

Yea fuck it/ You know what you need to do/ I believe in me so you should believe in you/ Believe in peace/ please believe that it’s true/ And stay in your feet and never use those knees to stoop/ Take that grease from your grandparents stereotyped/ He’s Italian which means their not marrying right/ Mediterranean not enough white but they prefer a lovely life/ Say goodbye to the lonesome road with a daily kiss goodnight/

Reflection and Response


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One thought on “Lonesome Road Goodnight

  1. Rémi says:

    Strangely enough, this makes me think about road trips: I am currently reading a book about a couple of grandparents leaving their illnesses and doctors behind them to travel on Road 66 in the US. That Music reminds me of Buenos Aires, of course, but also makes me think of freedom, evasion: the liberty you get when you swallow huge amounts of kilometers and fascinating landscapes. Congrats, guys!


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