NASDI Ain’t It??

NASDI Ain’t It??

Roll call. This is an ill breakdown. An interesting moment of inactivity for something that’s usually in motion.


Reflection and Response.


P.s. who caught the musical reference-tribute-salute? Tweet us your response @LIFESTYLE_RR or hit us up in the comments!!

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One thought on “NASDI Ain’t It??

  1. Peter Muller says:

    Something I think that unifies these two posts is the idea of turning point and choice. In V´s picture, the bulldozer is no longer a bulldozer after having done so much digging. It is now at rest and one can decide which tool is up next for the vehicle. Similarly in many of my previous songs I´m digging, searching through everyday interaction for meaning. From contemplating rejection with ´´Jade Eyes,¨to a look into feeling ill with ¨sickness,¨ I try and reflect on and respond to these commonplace situations. Yet in ´Lonseome Road Goodnight,´I seem to have reached some sort of concluion, one that leads to confidence in my ability to keep my head up and believe in myself. Í see myself like the bulldozer, still with much digging left, but also ready to switch it up and use a tool of confidence to keep reflecting.

    How do other people relate to V´s picture? What are other people´s experiences with turning points?


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