Recollections, Part 1


As a lot of yall know the LIFESTYLE first went ~live~ out of Brooklyn back in late August. Since then, we’ve been holdin down the Reflection and Response across the Atlantic from Brooklyn to Madrid. P’s experiences in Spain that he’s expressed through raw word, song, and rhyme have got me reminiscin’ somethin mean about my time living in Barcelona in 2008!! This week I’ll be pulling together a series of photos in honor of the good ol’ days around Spain and as a shoutout to my brother P.

The first photos in this series are from the Gothic Quarter (Barrio Gótico) in Barcelona.. Mean architecture stylo. Buildings and streets that speak. Hasta pronto!!

I hope everyone has a dope Thanksgiving weekend!!

Reflection and Response.


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5 thoughts on “Recollections, Part 1

  1. […] This drawing came from revisiting an old photograph I took in 2008, which appeared on the LIFESTYLE on November 24, 2011 in a post titled “Recollections, Part 1″: […]

  2. […] This drawing came from revisiting an old photograph I took in 2008, which appeared on the LIFESTYLE on November 24, 2011 in a post titled “Recollections, Part 1″: […]

  3. Peter Muller says:

    @Matt thanks for the love! These pics capture the narrowness of the streets in BCN. Streets that remind me more of walk in closets that funnel people through buldings that date from Roman times to the present. The scond photo is classic. If you cover the contemporary tourists, the black and white background is a perfect set for people in Medieval dress. I agree with Matt: black and white is a raw perspective.


  4. Matt George says:

    Yeah, these are some seriously tight photos. Nothing is better than a good black and white!

    • Vicken Donikian says:

      Thanks for the comments Matt! I think Black and White photos capture the vibe of these Gothic Quarter streets in such a more powerful way than color photos. Somethin about the architecture of the tall, geometric structures combined with, as Peter put it, the “walk-in closet” narrowness of the streets – feels old & classic but also timeless. I think its interesting that Peter points out how the second photo would change if you remove the contemporary tourists – I also think the tourists add a funny element to the scene, cuz folks with polo-shirts and capri-pants contrast so crucially with, for example, the old street light comin off the side of the building. …And I think the first photo is a perfect complement to this funky scene, with the man (a local resident) walking solo down the empty corridor. Kinda points to the two main ways this space is used in the present-day..


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