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Snapshots from the Collective

Untitled by Danny Kaufman

Reflection and Response.

The Snapshots from the Collective series works to create a space for Reflection and Response through photography. ANYone who wants to contribute ANY photos to this project can email us submissions at the.lifestyle.rr@gmail.com. One photo will be posted each week, and photos will only be used for the purposes of this series. Thank you and we look forward to building and expanding the Collective!!! -P & V

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Recollections, Part 1


As a lot of yall know the LIFESTYLE first went ~live~ out of Brooklyn back in late August. Since then, we’ve been holdin down the Reflection and Response across the Atlantic from Brooklyn to Madrid. P’s experiences in Spain that he’s expressed through raw word, song, and rhyme have got me reminiscin’ somethin mean about my time living in Barcelona in 2008!! This week I’ll be pulling together a series of photos in honor of the good ol’ days around Spain and as a shoutout to my brother P.

The first photos in this series are from the Gothic Quarter (Barrio Gótico) in Barcelona.. Mean architecture stylo. Buildings and streets that speak. Hasta pronto!!

I hope everyone has a dope Thanksgiving weekend!!

Reflection and Response.


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