Argentina Thursdays: A Pair of Coplas

Buenos Aires, early 2010. Coplas. Found throughout the Spanish-speaking world, the set up is a call and response format accompanied by a bombo, or drum. The coplas I recorded by folk music activist Pablo Martinez are Andean in origin. The instrument that sounds like an elephant is called an “erke.” I played the erke in Pablo’s folk music band, and play the erke part between the vocal parts on the track.

Think Spanish gospel.

Pablo Coplas

Aquí estoy porque he vendio

Porque he venido aquí estoy

Si no les gusta mi modo

Como he venido me voy

Una sola mujer tengo

Dos hijas quiero tener

Una pa de vez en cuando

Otra pa permanecer

Jujeño yo soy señores

Yo no niego a mi región

Jujeñito lengua dura

Canta cuando hay ocasión

Here I am because I have arrived

Because I have arrived I am here

If you don’t like my way

As I have arrived I’ll go

I have only woman

I want to have two girls

One for every now and then

The other for always

Gentlemen I am Jujeño

I do not forget (negate) my home

Young Jujeño of hard tongue

Sing when there is an occasion||

I then did a remix of Pablo’s track and added some drums, piano, bass, and chopped up his vocal sample. This remix was a fun way to collaborate with a kind of music that I had never heard before.

Coplas Remix


Reflection and Response


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One thought on “Argentina Thursdays: A Pair of Coplas

  1. Vicken Donikian says:

    P-Mu, my dude, I REALLY feel what you did with this track!! The original recording is dope too, and the lyrics are simple & powerful. The remix is solllliid man, the piano you put into it sounds beautiful. And I like the way you added to the original song and chopped up the vocals a bit, but without completely deconstructing the original. I think this is especially important with this track cuz the delivery (and emotion) of the lyrics is such a dominant aspect of the original – but this is also what makes it possible to do what you did with the remix and kind of jump right into it and, like you said, really collaborate without taking away from what Pablo is expressing. So ill!


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