Recollections, Part 3

Part 3.

This photo is from Mallorca, an island in the Mediterranean off the coast of Spain..

The one green shutter on tilt-mode disturbs the basic color scheme and the strict, Tetris-grid-like architecture of the building.

Reflection and Response.


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3 thoughts on “Recollections, Part 3

  1. not to mention, the sole window on the top left. I love this photo for its simplicity, colour and reality. 🙂

    • Vicken Donikian says:

      Marina – Thanks for the feedback & support!! Yeah that solo window you pointed out is really interesting, and I also think the way the telephone wire cuts across the image adds character to this scene too.. To me, this building is definitely simple and symmetrical AND loud and non-symmetrical at the same time.

      Your blog is dope by the way! ( We’ll be keepin up with you over there for sure!


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