Final Argentine Thursday: Nas!

First of all I’d like to thank everybody whose been riding with us through the Argentina Thursdays and V’s Recollection series. The periods when we produced these pieces were super important to our growth as artists and fundamental in learning how these mediums really act as reflection and response to our everyday environments. It has been such a joy to share this period and discuss it with others.

To end I go back to the beginning. Buenos Aires, 2010. I began getting back into writing flows during this period, and my first one in awhile was about something that happened far from Argentina, on a street somewhere in Tunisia. My friend and LIFESTYLEcollective member Nassim told about when he started practicing religion again after he saw a boy have a seizure and then miraculously stop. I felt the story would be a cool narrative to put into song. I took a famous track from the Amelie soundtrack, Comptine d’Un Autre Été, sped it up a bit threw some drums and some basic melodic elements and wrote the track.

I rerecorded an acapella today  (December 8th) in Madrid.

Full Track (Early 2010)

Acapella (December 2011)

Yea he got up on the bus/ Summer in Tunisia sweat and dust/ And the wheels started to roll/ Things would change little did he know/ 10 minutes later he him lying there/ Eyes wide open in a broken stare/ Epileptic seizure mothers so scared/ The people move back to give the boy air/ While the uncle tried to resuscitate/ The mother realizes he’s slipping away/ Eyes fill with tears as she turns to pray/ Starts to cry shrieks of pain/ And my friends watches this from the bus/ Feels the mother and her grief for her son/ Suddenly he sees it from her eyes / Lost in the moment inside his mind

Suddenly the dude starts to breathe/ The passengers move back to their seats/ The mothers’ tears turn to joy/ And our protagonist smiles for her little boy/ Suddenly the sun starts to rise/ Move from the dark to the morning light/ The people move back to regular business/ And our dude thinks about what he’s just witnessed/ Quite a transition from near death to a new day/ All wrapped in two hours on a Tuesday/ Bus moves on as his thoughts move fast/ Wondered about death since his father passed/ He said he didn’t change right after then/ But after this moment he gained perspective/ So in the next few years he did his 5 prayers a night/ Started to live a more righteous life||

I think it was dope that Nas could tell the exact picture, the moment when he decided to start practicing again. Reflection and Response at its fullest, in a desert out in Tunisia then back to France, Nas’s country of birth. It’s pretty dope that Nas’s initial moment of spiritual clarity became my initial moment of artistic expression through hip hop.

Reflection and Response


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One thought on “Final Argentine Thursday: Nas!

  1. Nas says:

    The best gift for christmas bro ! thanks a lot ! 🙂


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