Recollections, Part 5

Part 5: The Outro

The final installment in this series is a photo from Vall de Boi, a town in northern Spain…

The narrowness of this street is wild. It’s an interesting use of the space, from an architectural standpoint, especially for a small town in the mountains.. What’s really intriguing to me about this is the way people have appropriated the space –  with various versions of suspended “gardens” on balconies. A mean #ReflectionandResponse on #ReflectionandResponse, in a way… The architecture was built off of interpretations of the space, and the suspended gardens are interpretations of those interpretations, if you digg me on that! The connections and levels of RR run deep!!

Once again, the Recollections series was a creative LIFESTYLEbrooklyn shoutout to my brother P holdin down the LIFESTYLEmadrid big time!

Reflection and Response.


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