Peter Muller and Vivian Garcia


Recently I’ve been working on music with Vivian Garcia, a talented performer who has extensive experience in the Chicago music scene. We met here in Madrid at the Thursday night open mic at Triskel Tavern. Soon after contacting her in December we began working together. Over the last few months we’ve done concerts around Madrid. V has provided some dope flyers and images for shows we’ve done:

I’ve also been recording some versions of some tracks we’ve been working on on my home studio here in Madrid using Ableton Live as my DAW.

Chan Chan is a track composed by Cuban composer and pianist Compay Segundo. Vivian is on vocals and plays rhythm guitar while I play leads.

Fool Me Once is a Vivain Garcia original. Again she is on vocals and rhythm guitar and I am playing leads.


Stay tuned for news about Peter and Vivian as we move into the future.


Reflection and Response.


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