The Porch Swing: WORD of the day

Back at the LIFESTYLE Porch!

Today we’ve got the second installation at The Porch Swing from our first Reflection and Response resident artist, Samuel Bostick. Last week we kicked off The Porch Swing series with Samuel’s first installation in his ongoing WORD of the day project, which will come through every Wednesday. Stay tuned as he continues to bring his uniquely crafted creative writing Reflection and Response approach to the LIFESTYLE Collective…

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons, Jim Natale.

Build v. 1) To form by combining materials or parts; construct. 2) To give form to according to a definite plan or process; create. 3) To establish and strengthen; create and add to. 4) To develop in magnitude or extent. 5) To progress toward a maximum, as of intensity. 6)The act, process, art or occupation of constructing.

WORD of the day: Build

A Dream is the heart’s desire, a fantastic vision. It is our charge to put effort into making these dreams, these desires into a reality. We must build. To build is to act on the faith of possibility, to put work into effect and produce. All building is ultimately defined by the basis, the core, the foundation, the wise seek firm foundation. Brick by brick, day in day out, belief by belief. Building is an ongoing process, it does not subscribe to boundaries, rather supersedes them. The possibility is endless.

Get out, make yourself, give your hands a good look; recognize the potential energy held within them, the propensity to create. Plan your route, establish firm foundation, develop a legacy- a dynasty of your choosing, be responsible for your work and lay claim to the product of your effort.

Reflection and Response.

Samuel Bostick


the LIFESTYLE’s role is to create collective space for active Reflection and Response through the arts. This space is built around dialogue, expression, collaboration, and artistic (ex)change involving international craftspeople and their realities. The Porch Swing series opens up a Reflection and Response residency where we feature a Collective member’s ongoing project through weekly installations.

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