Talk of the Town: The Boundaries of Freedom? Part II

A few weeks back, Samuel and Vicken began a 2-part Talk of the Town called The Boundaries of Freedom? with an introductory look at Kanye West’s “Hell of a Life”. Today we have Part 2 of this discussion, which will open up the floor for analysis and dialogue in the comments section!

“Have you lost your mind? / Tell me when you think we crossed the line”

Considering the lyrical content of Kanye West’s track, “Hell of a Life,” what themes or practices does the artist call into question/critique? What is he saying about the constructed “boundaries” of freedom?

“How could you say they live they life wrong?”

From what lens is the track developed and is there an overall message?

– S & V

Reflection and Response.

The Talk of the Town series opens up dialogue motivated by questions, observations, and analysis that any person would like to bring to the Collective. ANYone who wants to craft a space for discussion on ANY topic can email us at One question will be posted every other week, with dialogue following in the comments section below. Thank you and we look forward to building and expanding the Collective!!! – P & V

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