Shake This Maze, 2nd Edition Pre-Release

Shake This Maze, 2nd edition. A couple months ago, we released the “First 50” units of Peter’s debut album, independently recorded, with back-to-the-basics handcrafted artwork. The second edition features another set of 50 individually numbered albums, with a new gold-anchored cover design.

We wanted to release a 2nd edition of Shake This Maze as a continuation of our collaborative project. Vicken takes the feel of the collaboration to a different level with the gold banner, which gives new character to the same musical content as the original edition.

This is the end of the beginning. Our first collaborative product, and it’s been a raw experience expanding our craft with you. Thank you all for the love and support!! We’re looking forward to building off this project as we move forward!

Stay tuned for the upcoming release of Shake This Maze, 2nd edition!!

Reflection and Response.

P & V.

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