Snapshots From the Collective

Untitled (Porto, Portugal) by Daniel Kaufman

Reflection and Response.

The Snapshots From the Collective series works to create a space for Reflection and Response through photography. ANYone who wants to contribute ANY photos to this project can email us submissions at One photo will be posted each week, and photos will only be used for the purposes of this series. Thank you and we look forward to building and expanding the Collective!!! -P & V

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2 thoughts on “Snapshots From the Collective

  1. Samuel says:

    man. amazing.

  2. Daniel Kaufman says:

    Thanks for posting this homies! One title I am playing around with for this photo is ‘Shelter from the Storm’. This refers to both the physical shelter that the subject is under as well as the subject’s attempt to shelter himself from Portugal’s economic woes. What would you name this photo?


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