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Snapshots From the Collective

Untitled (Porto, Portugal) by Daniel Kaufman

Reflection and Response.

The Snapshots From the Collective series works to create a space for Reflection and Response through photography. ANYone who wants to contribute ANY photos to this project can email us submissions at the.lifestyle.rr@gmail.com. One photo will be posted each week, and photos will only be used for the purposes of this series. Thank you and we look forward to building and expanding the Collective!!! -P & V

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Tuition Well Spent: A Progression

(Visuals by Vicken Donikian. Audio by Peter Muller and friends)

Ideas progress.

I wrote The Rain in 2007 in Seattle during a bout of particularly bad weather. A few days later my bandmate from Tuition Well Spent, Mike, wrote the lyrics for the tune which would become “The Love.”

The Rain

The Love

We then performed the song live at the Ethnic Cultural Theatre at UW in 2007 and had our friend Ben do some drumming and Whitney Killian added some harmonies.

The Love (Live)

I then asked V do to some art for the Myspace page and I sent him some pics and he sent back the two visuals that accompany this post.

Progression on a multi-medium level.

Reflection and Response

-P and V

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