Snapshots from the Collective

Untitled by Danny Kaufman

Reflection and Response.

The Snapshots from the Collective series works to create a space for Reflection and Response through photography. ANYone who wants to contribute ANY photos to this project can email us submissions at One photo will be posted each week, and photos will only be used for the purposes of this series. Thank you and we look forward to building and expanding the Collective!!! -P & V

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2 thoughts on “Snapshots from the Collective

  1. Danny Kaufman says:

    This picture is of the Piaza di Spagni (Spanish Steps) in Rome. I chose to take this photo in black & white to represent its timelesness as a central meeting place in Italian capital. Any title suggestions?

    • Vicken says:

      Danny, this photo is ILL. I think along with the timelessness vibe that you’re talkin about, this photo conveys MOVEMENT – even though most of the people are either sitting down or standing still…and there are barely any cars in view..But something about the hawk’s-eye point of view (from behind and above the two standing figures that are also surveying the scene) and the distribution of people along the steps and in the street evokes a feeling of motion. It’s ACTIVE. I think this also ties directly into the timeless character of this central meeting place…this is one snapshot look at an endlessly LIVE setting..


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