Reflection and Response: The Zine, Volume I

Reflection and Response: The Zine, Volume I is a project we have been working on for the past couple months. This collection of thought, craft, and experience is rooted in the processes of Reflection and Response through the artS. We decided to compile many of the installations from the first 9 months of our Feature series into a pressable format in order to fully appreciate and expand the timeless dialogue that these artists have engaged in. the LIFESTYLE collective presents this Volume with hopes of building further dialogue, collaboration, action, and artistic exchange locally and globally.

A true thank you to the following nine contributors for bringing their powerful and inspiring work to the collective:

  • Samuel Bostick
  • Megan Branch
  • Danny Kaufman
  • Diana Cervera
  • Stefan Paul George
  • Vatche Donikian
  • Leopoldo Pérez Obregón
  • Vivian Garcia
  • Ellie Cross

The Zine is available for FREE.

In order to grab a copy:

Directly from Peter in Leon, España or from Vicken in New York City…contact

Online ($5 flat shipping cost)…




Thank you for supporting the LIFESTYLE collective’s first publication!

Reflection and Response.

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2 thoughts on “Reflection and Response: The Zine, Volume I

  1. […] for ElectroBrunch and around other venues throughout the city. I also gave out 4 copies of our LRR ‘Zine at the Show. It’s pretty dope to be able to perform regularly at a city so far from home. […]

  2. Bostick says:



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