The Evolution of a Performance: Peter Muller Live in León

Tonight I’m playing a show in León, España at my guy Fran’s Bar Agustín. The name of the event is The Crazy Peters Present ModBlues. ModBlues standards for Modern Blues, because the bar plays this kind of music we had to cater the name a little bit to the audience. I’m not sure if Acoustic/Electric Singer-songwriter hip hop would really work in this case.

The comic together of this show represents the power of community and support in the León music scene. After arriving too late to play at the open mic at the Gran Cafe, my singer friend Mary and I ended up at our friend Fran’s joint, the Bar Agustín. Mary asked me if I’d like to play some tunes for both of them. After jamming through The City and some other tracks Agustín asked if I’d be down to play a show at the bar the following Monday.

Fran then talked to a friend who used to play in one of the first punk bands in León and he  made up the event poster:

I then spent the next few afternoons practicing with Mary who has a killer voice on her roof overlooking Plaza Mayor and the Cathedral:

Next Fran talked to other local business owners and put up some posters around León’s Barrio Humido. This poster is at a local favorite spot known affectionately as “Lo de Patri,”:

Finally Fran reached out to my dude Jota who is the lead singer of Los Platillos Volantes and Jota agreed to lend me and Mary a PA system that his band uses. I will be playing music mostly from Shake This Maze and the Radio Leon Broadcasts.

From the idea of the show, to the artists involved, venue, promotion, equipment, and rehearsals  this is a Collective effort and demonstrates the power of the Leon Musical Community.

I’d like to thank all those involved and see you tonight Live! at Bar Agustín in León!

Reflection and Response

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