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The Evolution of a Performance: Peter Muller Live in León

Tonight I’m playing a show in León, España at my guy Fran’s Bar Agustín. The name of the event is The Crazy Peters Present ModBlues. ModBlues standards for Modern Blues, because the bar plays this kind of music we had to cater the name a little bit to the audience. I’m not sure if Acoustic/Electric Singer-songwriter hip hop would really work in this case.

The comic together of this show represents the power of community and support in the León music scene. After arriving too late to play at the open mic at the Gran Cafe, my singer friend Mary and I ended up at our friend Fran’s joint, the Bar Agustín. Mary asked me if I’d like to play some tunes for both of them. After jamming through The City and some other tracks Agustín asked if I’d be down to play a show at the bar the following Monday.

Fran then talked to a friend who used to play in one of the first punk bands in León and he  made up the event poster:

I then spent the next few afternoons practicing with Mary who has a killer voice on her roof overlooking Plaza Mayor and the Cathedral:

Next Fran talked to other local business owners and put up some posters around León’s Barrio Humido. This poster is at a local favorite spot known affectionately as “Lo de Patri,”:

Finally Fran reached out to my dude Jota who is the lead singer of Los Platillos Volantes and Jota agreed to lend me and Mary a PA system that his band uses. I will be playing music mostly from Shake This Maze and the Radio Leon Broadcasts.

From the idea of the show, to the artists involved, venue, promotion, equipment, and rehearsals  this is a Collective effort and demonstrates the power of the Leon Musical Community.

I’d like to thank all those involved and see you tonight Live! at Bar Agustín in León!

Reflection and Response

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Radio Leon #3

The Radio Leon series continues! This episode features live looping,  blast from the past electric track, and an exclusive interview with local Leon DJ Dani Massaro . Dani’s interview is going to be split between this episode and the Episode IV coming out next week. Check the transcript below for the original version en Español and an English translation. It was a raw experience to discuss the music scene, social environment, and the “capital,” of fiesta in Leon with a local participant. Stay tuned for Episode IV coming to you live from Leon!

(Photo: Peter Muller. Taken in León on the FEVE rail line looking East at the Naredo Station)

Transcript of interview with Dani starts at 5:40

Para empezar de donde eres y donde estas ahora?

To start off, where are you from and where are you at?

Yo soy de aquí de León llevo (yo) viviendo aquí ya son 30 años los que tengo viviendo en esta ciudad. Una ciudad maravillosa como has podido ver.

I am from Leon, and I have been living here for 30 years. (Leon is) a marvelous city as you have had the chance to see.

Como y cuando empezaste a pinchar y hacer las cosas de DJ que haces ahora?

How and when did you start DJing?

Interesarme por el tema de DJ y demás ahora hace relativamente poco hace 5 años así y a pinchar yo hace 3.Tenia un amigo que pinchaba mi amigo Raúl Costa que pinchaba aquí en León. Bueno Te trayendo te va trayendo y al final bueno con sus contactos tal pude empezar a pinchar yo.

I began to get interested in DJing relatively recently starting around 5 years ago and began to spin 3 years ago. A friend of mine, Raul Costa, was spinning here at the time in Leon. He brought me around and through his contacts I was able to begin spinning.

Donde pinchas ahora?

Where do you spin now?

Ahora estoy pinchando en el Cañón Santa Ana/. Es una discoteca que esta en el centro de León en el núcleo de la movida fiestera de León en el barrio húmedo. Recomendable a todos. Abrimos a partir de los 3:30 todos los Jueves viernes y sábado hasta que salga el sol. Hasta que el cuerpo aguante

I’m currently working at the Canyon Santa Ana, a club in the nucleus of the party scene in downtown Leon. We’re located in the Barrio Humido and I recommend checking it out. Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday we open at 3:30 A.M. and close when the sun rises. Or for as long as the human body can take.


Hasta el cuerpo aguante dicen en la puerta. Para ti que quieren decir Reflección y Respuesta?

Hahah, it should say that on the door. What does Reflection and Response mean to you?

Reflexión y respuesta el tema de la música. Para mi la música es todo. Igual que un músico, un guitarrista coge su guitarra en un momento malo en un momento bueno y fluye, fluyen las notas fluye el sonido la música. Para mi es lo mismo pero poniendo música pinchando no es mi música pero si que es mi sesión de cada momento mi sesión melancólica mi sesión alegre mi sesión motivadora. Para mi es gran parte de mi vida la música si es necesaria siempre, siempre

Y el tema de respuesta…el tema de respuesta pues por ejemplo en el trabajo esta clara. Lo utilices como medio para que la gente disfrute, igual que un músico hace sus composiciones para que la gente bueno oye en esos días mas para que la gente lo compre que para que la gente lo disfrute. si lo disfrutas ya es la leche, pero darle hora a vivir. Eso es lo mismo es hacer llegar al bar y meterte dentro de la vida de esas horas de la gente que viene al bar y eso es una satisfacción muy grande cuando ves que la gente responde

Reflection and Response are a theme in my music. Music is everything for me. A musician, a guitarist uses his/her instrument in a good or bad moment and the notes, sound, and music begin to flow. Similarly when I spin, even though it’s not music I created, I craft the session. My sets can be melancholy, upbeat, or motivating, for example. For me music is huge part of my life and is always necessary.

As for Response…the idea of Response is obvious in my work. One uses response as a means to entertain people, just as a musician composes so that people-well these days it’s so people buy records and if the public enjoys the record that’s awesome, we all need to live. This is similar to when I arrive at the bar and for a few hours I am part of the lives of the people that are there and it is satisfying to see people respond to what I’m doing.


Sisi siempre me imagino cuando los DJs puede ser algo bueno algo lindo y se ve desde la plataforma que la gente esta baliando

I imagine that it must be satisfying to look out from the DJ booth and see people enjoying themselves.

Es una Buena sensación

It’s a great feeling.


Como se relacionan estas cosas con hacer DJ?

How do you relate these ideas with DJing?

Si pues es eso también cuando llego al bar si llego con un mal día tengo la música como moda de escape si tengo un buen día pues mucho mejor.

If I arrive to work in a bad mood music provides an escape and if I’m in a good mood it’s that much better.

Quienes son tus influencias y inspiraciones

Who or what are your influences?

Las primeras influencias que tengo con la música son mis papas. Mi papa y mi mama. Toda la vida les han encantado la música, cualquier tipo de música tienen una cultura música para mi espectacular y extensísima. Yo he mamado música toda la vida en casa. De hecho desde que yo estaba la abriga de mi madre siempre me ponían música.

Ya profesionalmente pues este amigo Raúl Costra DJ que ha estado en León estuvo en Barcelona. Ahora Freddy..es mi jefe. Son dos años y medio trabajando con él y lleva 25 años en eso de la noche y también es una gran fuente de inspiración.

My principal musical influences are my parents. My father and mother have loved music their whole lives and listen to all types of music that provided them a rich taste in music. I have devoured music my whole life; in fact beginning when I was in my mothers womb my parents began to expose me to song.

Professionally I would say my friend Raul Costa who spins in Leon and Barcelona (is an influence). Also Freddy, who spins and is my boss. I’ve worked with home for two years and he has 25 years of experience in the nightlife of Leon and also represents a source of inspiration.

Y ya de gente así más conocido tampoco.. te gusta su música te gustan sus temas pero bueno tampoco como fuente de inspiración no.

Cuando hay en Myspace o Tuenti siempre mencionan como Bob Marley pero seguro que tal artista tiene más contacto con sus padres o con sus amigos

Claro, fuente de inspiración Tiesto, pues no. Que hace Tiesto?

I wouldn’t consider major well known names personal influences. You might like an artists music or songs but not as inspiration.

On Myspace or Tuenti I see artists mention people like Bob Marley as inspirations but surely that artists is much more close with his or her family or friends.

Right? What has Tiesto done for me lately?

-Reflection and Response

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Radio Leon: The Beats on the B Roll


First of all, thank you for the love on the first two episodes of Radio Leon. We’re gonna get Episode Three up and running for this Friday.

Part of the Radio Leon broadcast series includes voice overs with information about the processes behind the songs and the experience of living in Leon, España while making these records.

Behind the words there is an instrumental. For this post I am showcasing the Beats on the B Roll of the Radio Leon broadcast.

Beat of the Centurayray (2004)

Going Down (2012)

Beat of the Centurayray is one of the first beats I ever made, back on the 4 track recorder Boss BR 532 and the Miracle Piano Teaching System. I felt the Electric Piano setting on the Miracle and threw an arpeggiated chord progression from the piano on the BR 532 drum machine.

Going Down is an updated version of the previous track but this time using Massive and Ableton Live. There is also a break in the later part of the track that is a new addition to the 2004 track.

20 Minute Beat

I created this track while V had something to do before a Skype meeting. The drums come from self-recorded samples of a drum set in the homie Jorge’s basement out here in Leon. I threw a rhythm together, put one cymbal on reverse, hooked up some synth bass via Massive and finished up with some slide guitar. Once I decided on the instruments the process took around 20 minutes.

-Reflection and Response

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