The Porch Swing: Rollin Robo

Rollin Robo, by Samuel Bostick.

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons, Jim Natale.

Rollin Robo

From the Lab—A space of creation, experimental process and unseen efforts.

This is the condition of its conception, its build. Programmed to obey and fall under command, to submit. That didn’t last for long. Its subscription to order has far expired. It remembers the days…rather it recalls, minds remember, It recalls the days when in innocence it believed, before that faith was betrayed.  It responded to the function of its purpose programmed. Now It sees that purpose is what you make it. And It has taken function into its own hands. There were more like it…the same ones who made them…destroyed them, out of fear… all but one.


No home

To call my own

A clone

A drone

Anger, a vengeance

Destructively seeds now sown

Samuel Bostick



the LIFESTYLE’s role is to create collective space for active Reflection and Response through the arts. This space is built around dialogue, expression, collaboration, and artistic (ex)change involving international craftspeople and their realities. The Porch Swing series opens up a Reflection and Response residency where we feature a Collective member’s ongoing project through weekly installations.

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