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Radio Leon: The Beats on the B Roll


First of all, thank you for the love on the first two episodes of Radio Leon. We’re gonna get Episode Three up and running for this Friday.

Part of the Radio Leon broadcast series includes voice overs with information about the processes behind the songs and the experience of living in Leon, España while making these records.

Behind the words there is an instrumental. For this post I am showcasing the Beats on the B Roll of the Radio Leon broadcast.

Beat of the Centurayray (2004)

Going Down (2012)

Beat of the Centurayray is one of the first beats I ever made, back on the 4 track recorder Boss BR 532 and the Miracle Piano Teaching System. I felt the Electric Piano setting on the Miracle and threw an arpeggiated chord progression from the piano on the BR 532 drum machine.

Going Down is an updated version of the previous track but this time using Massive and Ableton Live. There is also a break in the later part of the track that is a new addition to the 2004 track.

20 Minute Beat

I created this track while V had something to do before a Skype meeting. The drums come from self-recorded samples of a drum set in the homie Jorge’s basement out here in Leon. I threw a rhythm together, put one cymbal on reverse, hooked up some synth bass via Massive and finished up with some slide guitar. Once I decided on the instruments the process took around 20 minutes.

-Reflection and Response

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