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Shake This Maze: The Whereabouts of the “Gold Banner” 2nd Edition

Once again, thank you all for the consistent support for Shake This Maze: The Album from day one!! Like we outlined for the fifty 1st Edition units, the following map now shows the whereabouts of the “Gold Banner” 2nd Edition units thus far…

We’ve only got 2 available copies left in the States, and a handful left for global distribution from P based out of Spain.

If interested in supporting this project and getting a hold of one of the remaining copies, find purchase info here. This is the final pressing for Shake This Maze, new projects are now on the DOCKS, so stay dialed in!!

Thanks again yall! One Love!

Music by Peter Muller | Art by Vicken Donikian

Reflection and Response.

P & V.

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Shake This Maze: The Whereabouts of the “First Fifty”

As we move into production for the 2nd Edition, here’s a look back at the whereabouts of the “First Fifty,” the original Shake This Maze, 1st edition units, now scattered internationally. Much love for all the support, let’s keep building the Collective! Reach out to us on twitter @LIFESTYLE_RR or through email at the.lifestyle.rr@gmail.com and let us know which individual units ended up where…V’s got No. 19/50 in Brooklyn, NY, and P’s got No. 47/50 in Madrid, Spain..

Reflection and Response.

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