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Shake This Maze: Tools of the Trade VIDEO

It’s been a long time comin, but today marks the release of our Shake This Maze Tools of the Trade VIDEO!! With this project we have taken our Patchwork audio-visual collaboration approach and applied it to itself.

The video content was filmed throughout the process of handcrafting the album cases for Shake This Maze. This documents the stages of cutting, stenciling, writing, folding, gluing, and packaging that went into bringing the 100 physical copies of STM to life.

Meanwhile, about a month ago, P brought out a couple of creative remixes that he based off of various tracks from the album. One of these remixes appears in the soundtrack of the video, along with a few other cuts from the album.

From the Leon studio to the Brooklyn workbench, from music to art, the Tools of the Trade Video sees the Patchwork process double down on itself and spin out through film.

This is a LIFESTYLE studios production.

Shake This Maze: Tools of the Trade from the LIFESTYLE on Vimeo.

Here’s an additional link for YouTube.

Much love to yall for the support!

Reflection and Response.

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Photo Flows STM

Whatup! Upon receiving the Shake This Maze Second Edition in Madrid I found a surprise in the package. V’s printer started to lose ink while printing LS photos that come with each edition of Shake This Maze. Inside of an envelope I found 4 of these unique prints with various lyrics from songs throughout the album written on them to tell a story of STM in the form of a montage. V’s use of seemingly useless materials was a dope way to create from found materials.

And as all else slept and tired of that bass/In it’s beautiful hum I found a place…That’s the power that’s behind the lines I spit/ Hard to catch like a line drive hard hit….So if it wasn’t for this pen and this pad and this beat/ I would have been as mad as I was sad at seventeen…Give some reason to the path under our feet…So many piles of poo/ Cover the ground defiles the truth/ It took a while for me to see the meek inside your cool…In a one man room playing the blues getting pennies in this straw hat…Now it dawns on me the futility/ of passing judgement on other societies..This night this night this night it wears on/ Know I should sleep but the time to care is gone..SHAKE THIS MAZE TO THE CORE WITH THESE CHORDS AND VERSES…So here we are the scars are shown? And it feels so nice to be finally home…The city’s a lonely thing when it’s only you living.. Search for the spark to start this shit flaming/ Burn the house of cards down all in and sick of playing/ Then flip the table over all the chips fall down/ Return to the night before the dawn clouds..

-Live from Comillas, Cantabria, España.

Reflection and Response


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Shake This Maze Remixes

First of all, we are GRATEFUL for the support with Shake This Maze Second Edition!! We still have copies left but many of you have  helped build this project into a successful reality. Soon we will be posting a behind-the-scenes VIDEO of V’s Craft in the making of the albums by hand in Brooklyn.

The soundtrack of the piece will include some remixes of Shake This Maze tracks.

The first one is called He’s So Jade and contains elements from He’s Your Guy and Jade Eyes.

Elements are from

He’s Your Guy

Jade Eyes

Our second Shake This Maze remix is called Spark Job Stab

Elements are from

Spark This Shit Flaming

This Job


Be on the lookout for the video dropping SOON!

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Shake This Maze, 2nd Edition Pre-Release

Shake This Maze, 2nd edition. A couple months ago, we released the “First 50” units of Peter’s debut album, independently recorded, with back-to-the-basics handcrafted artwork. The second edition features another set of 50 individually numbered albums, with a new gold-anchored cover design.

We wanted to release a 2nd edition of Shake This Maze as a continuation of our collaborative project. Vicken takes the feel of the collaboration to a different level with the gold banner, which gives new character to the same musical content as the original edition.

This is the end of the beginning. Our first collaborative product, and it’s been a raw experience expanding our craft with you. Thank you all for the love and support!! We’re looking forward to building off this project as we move forward!

Stay tuned for the upcoming release of Shake This Maze, 2nd edition!!

Reflection and Response.

P & V.

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Shake This Maze: The Whereabouts of the “First Fifty”

As we move into production for the 2nd Edition, here’s a look back at the whereabouts of the “First Fifty,” the original Shake This Maze, 1st edition units, now scattered internationally. Much love for all the support, let’s keep building the Collective! Reach out to us on twitter @LIFESTYLE_RR or through email at the.lifestyle.rr@gmail.com and let us know which individual units ended up where…V’s got No. 19/50 in Brooklyn, NY, and P’s got No. 47/50 in Madrid, Spain..

Reflection and Response.

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