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Shake This Maze: The A Capella Tapes

For the upcoming release of the Second Edition of Shake This Maze I will be recording and uploading videos of a capellas of key tracks from the album. I think this process shows a dope, stripped down picture of the lyrics on the album. These A Capellas were recorded in my bedroom in Callao, Madrid, España. More will be on the way!

Jade Eyes

These jade eyes are straight lies that bind us

These jade eyes

These jade eyes are straight lies that bind us/ One mind we design our own island/ Or so I thought as I thrust my paw on her/ Didn’t think that I could do her such dishonor/ Back away and I nod my head/ These pretty lights can really play and they’re rocking it/ And these kids eat it up like Lox and spread/ As the clock is lost and we forget our beds/ The jade eyes stay with me and I see her/ Kissing on the dude who arrived in the beamer/ Guess I had weak pop tonight Elisa Steamer/ The jade just caught the light and all disappears/ But she stays florescent cold as December in this northern state that’s the greyest in the hemisphere/ Just like lemmings I follow the trap/ Wonder if she gets off on withholding that vag because

These jade eyes are straight lies that bind us

These jade eyes

Contradiction many been up her blouse/ But my fingers are some splinters she can do without/ This week’s been weak grime and grout/ Games every day every way tagged out/ But I’m glad for the no’s the strep and the colds/ The effect of the soul/ Is it’s left invincible/ Try me all you want these jade eyes still haunt me/ Thought if I got her I’d find some sense of belonging/ After the show all filed out to rides home/ Chose to feign fatigue said peace to the folks/ Got home restless with the image in my mind/ Of her curves her shirt and her perfect jade eyes/ And I dealt with it the only way I know how/ With the guitar and drums turned up way too loud/And as all else slept and tired of the bass/ In it’s beautiful hum I found a place

These jade eyes are straight lies that bind us

These jade eyes

Wake Up

Wake up/ But it’s so hard to do/ The floor’s cold think I’ll stay up inside this dew/ This pillow provides more support than you/ And I’ll stay in bed till 6 in the afternoon/Wake up/ But it’s so hard to do/ The floor’s cold think I’ll stay up inside this dew/ This pillow provides more support than you/ And I’ll stay in bed till 5 in the afternoon/

These mind games she plays are amazing/ Every time I find gains turn out to be lies lately/ Been too many years/ Not to see it clear/ Though she might flirt and veer/ The thing is not changing/ Used to be long and lanky/ Now I got cheeks/ no exercise exacerbates angst greatly/ Painstakingly wait patiently by the phone/ Waste hours just watch Hoarders and drone/ But I swear to god I’m over it/ I entered this war alone/ And on my own/ I’m done with the soldering/ I don’t deserve it and neither do you/ As you fuck whoever cuz I’m tired and through

Wake up/ But it’s so hard to do/ The floor’s cold think I’ll live up inside this dew/ This pillow provides more support than you/ And I’ll stay in bed till 5 in the afternoon/ Just wake up/ But it’s so hard to do/ The floor’s cold think I’ll live up inside this dew/ This pillow provides more support than you/ And I’ll stay in bed till 5 in the afternoon/ I wake up

My invitations seems to be a game/ Imitations pixelated frames on your playstation tres/ She sees me in a friendly way/ And just seems to say things that a friend would say/ But I let the winks and smily faced texts get to me/ Stupidly imagine actions we don’t end up doing/ Telling myself lies as my mental health slides into fantasy attraction chosen so randomly/ No use looking for accuracy/ Cupid shoots and the damage done collaterally/ So if it wasn’t for this pen and this pad and this beat/ I would have been as sad as I was mad at seventeen/ Let’s get it all out and throw it on the table/ Don’t know if I loved her is a twenty year old able?/ But her burn once hurt so painful/ Until I turned the scar into my angel

Wake up/ But it’s so hard to do/ The floor’s cold think I’ll live up inside this dew/ This pillow provides more support than you/ As I’ stay in bed till 5 in the afternoon/Wake up/ But it’s so hard to do/ The floor’s cold think I’ll stay up inside this dew/ This pillow provides more support than you/ As I stay in bed till 5 in the afternoon/I Wake up

Reflection and Response


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Shake This Maze: The Whereabouts of the “First Fifty”

As we move into production for the 2nd Edition, here’s a look back at the whereabouts of the “First Fifty,” the original Shake This Maze, 1st edition units, now scattered internationally. Much love for all the support, let’s keep building the Collective! Reach out to us on twitter @LIFESTYLE_RR or through email at the.lifestyle.rr@gmail.com and let us know which individual units ended up where…V’s got No. 19/50 in Brooklyn, NY, and P’s got No. 47/50 in Madrid, Spain..

Reflection and Response.

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Shake This Maze Album Release Party

On Friday March 23rd we did the first Shake This Maze album release party at an apartment in La Latina, Madrid. We brought our own PA and rearranged some furnitaure that made the living room into a fitting venue. Special thanks to Danny Kaufman, Katie Wear, and the incredibly talented Vivian Garcia for helping us make this independent project debut pop. Reflection and Response is live out here.

Reflection and Response


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Shake This Maze

Shake This Maze is a project that started sometime around 2009 in Buenos Aires when I decided to get back into writing more personal lyrics. During this time I had the good fortune to be able to work with talented musicians both inside and outside of the city of Buenos Aires. Conversations about life in Buenos Aires can be heard on “The Villa,” which was recorded in Villa Carraza, a low-income area outside of the city. While in Argentina I also work with a woman with an amazing voice whose version of “The City,” brought out such soulful tones in the track.

After moving back to Seattle to finish school at the University of Washington I formed a group called 55thandBrooklyn, and tracks such as “Past That,” “Wake Up,” “He’s Your Guy,” and “The Christmas Song,” were part of the live set of 55th later performed live around Seattle at venues such as Fourno’s, Lucid, and Waid’s in early 2011. After graduation in March 2011, I got a job at Duke’s Chowder house, a Seattle seafood chain restaurant. The members of 55th had gone their separate ways and I focused on solo lyrics accompanied by acoustic guitar. Experiences from Seattle during this period crafted through this type arrangement can be heard on “This job,” “Making Spaces,” and “Jade Eyes.” Final recording of these later tracks was done in two different apartment studios in Madrid, Spain.

The final two tracks of the album were projects begun years before I even left for college. “Livin on the West Coast” comes from the P.Muller and Sneaky V days of 2002-2006 when V and I first started messing with composition and arranging music with Garage Band in Berkeley. In  “Spark This Shit Flaming” I used a beat from Seattle that samples me playing drums from my parents basement in 2003.Then in Spain I wrote the lyrics and recorded and mastered the track.

I started out using Logic Express 8 in Argentina and finished up with Ableton Suite 8. I have used the same Apogee one interface and MXL V88 mic for 3 years.

While the tracks mostly come from me, this project is 100% collaboration between V and I. If it weren’t for his idea to start this project, there’d be no album. If it weren’t for his craftsmanship, the tracks would have no presentation.

In order to purchase the album:

-Directly from Peter in Madrid at upcoming shows, album release parties, open mics, other shows or contact at the.lifestyle.rr@gmail.com

-Directly from Vicken in the New York City area or contact V at the.lifestyle.rr@gmail.com

-For orders not in Madrid or New York City…

Shake This Maze USA:

Buy Now USA

Shake This Maze Europa:

Buy Now Europa

-8€ for European orders and $10 for orders in the United States. All other currencies are accepted.

An important idea of the album comes from the title track: “Shake this maze to the core with these chords and verses/Mix genres like cops, johns, whores, and virgins/Turn the source of hurting into a sense of pride/ Find the gold on the shipwrecks of life.” Music for me has been a main source of Reflection and Response, and the tracks on this album are just that: Reflections on everyday experience. This release is an ultimate Response.

The making of the album artwork was a handcrafted process involving 6 stages and multiple mediums. We started by ordering 50 blank recycled chipboard album covers and some CD sleeves from the good folks over at Stumptown Printers, and Shake This Maze was soon on its way…

1. Cover Art, Part 1: Acrylic paint stencil

I started the cover art by cutting a stencil of the “PM” logo that I had created for Peter about a month ago. An old-school classic stencil made from the basics: a manila folder and an exacto blade. Using red acrylic paint and a brush, I hand stenciled this first layer on the units.

2. Cover Art, Part 2: India ink stencil

Next, I cut another stencil of the lettering I drew up for the album title, Shake This Maze. Using india ink and a brush, I centered this second layer over the red “PM” backdrop.

3. Back Cover

For the back cover (not pictured) I hand-wrote some credits with a Pigma Micron #8 pen..

4. Tracklist

Moving on to the tracklists, I used a Pigma Brush pen to write the song titles. I also marked each unit with a 1/50, 2/50….49/50, 50/50.. on the right inside cover. It would be dope to see where all of these end up, so hit us up with the whereabouts.. we might have to set up a map to keep track!

5. CD Labels

I printed the “PM” logo and the “Shake This Maze” lettering on Brown Kraft CD Labels, which we then threw on each CD..

6. Assembly

Finally, using a hot glue gun, I folded and assembled each case. Look for more goods in the inside left pocket too!!

This was a dope collaborative project to work on, and it’s amazing how each album case turns out to be unique in some way – whether it’s slightly different placement of the cover lettering stencils, or the individually numbered inside pocket…they all have their own vibe and character! I think this handcrafted approach is the only fitting way to showcase Peter’s original, honest, and raw creative talent. Reflection and Response.


Reflection and Response.

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Shake This Maze Pre Release Post

Shake This Maze is a compilation of tracks I made from 2009-2012. The recording of the album was done by me in Seattle, Washington, Berkeley, California, Oregon, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Madrid, Spain. The songs feature talent from most of those places who each add their own flavor to the tracks on which they appear. The title is taken from the chorus of a track off the album, entitled “Shake This Maze.”

V and I are putting out this album 100% independently. V has provided original handcrafted artwork and branding. From the logo to distribution, recording to shipping, this album comes from the LIFESTYLE collective’s international network.

We’re finishing the last touches on the CD and will be proud to bring you the final version very soon!!! Thanks for the support!!

Reflection and Response.


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Shake This Maze

Tools of the Trade documentation from P’s upcoming debut album Shake This Maze.. A collaborative, handcrafted project comin up for release in a few weeks.. Stay tuned!

Reflection and Response.


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